Mendenhall Family History

Twenty-eighth Generation

268697600. John De Strode Knt. was born about 1107 in Strode, Hewstock, Dorset, England. He married Mrs. John De Strode in 1125. [Parents]

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1. Ancestral File Number: 9BM6-QK
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Source 3: gives name as John de Strode, Knt.
Page 15: "By a deed sans date he gave to his brother Robert, and his own son, Peter, lands in de Feesent and Middleton, remainder to Hugh, brother of the said Peter, another son of the said John de Strode. By several other deeds sans date he gives his houses in Chalmington, and Stode in Lidlinch, to his son Hugh, remainder to Peter, brother of Hugh. This Sir John Strode lived in the reign of Henry I. and Stephen."
Source 4: Page 573, "Henry I (1068-1135), reigned 1100-1135. Son of William I, he seized the English throne on the death of his brother William II and became Duke of Normandy in 1106." Page 1184, "Stephen (c1097-1154), king of England 1135-1154. A nephew of Henry I, he was briefly supplanted (1141) by Matilda, Henry's daughter. Though a just and generous ruler, he was not strong enough to govern the warring factions of his realm."

268697601. Mrs. John De Strode.

Sources of Information:
1. International Genealogical Index

They had the following children:
M 1. Peter Strode was born about 1128 in Strode, Hewstock, Dorset, England.
M 2. John Strode was born about 1129 in Strode, Hewstock, Dorset, England.
M 3. Hugh De Strode Knt. was born about 1130 in Strode, Hewstock, Dorset, England.

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