Ora Elizabeth May Mummy

On the Top Left: Ora with her children: Standing in the back from left to right: George Edward Mendenhall, Eli Oscar Mendenhall; Standing and seated in the front from left to right: Leslie Eugene Mendenhall, mother Ora Elizabeth May Mummy Mendenhall holding Marjorie Eloise Mendenhall, Eva Ruth Mendenhall, Maude Elizabeth Mendenhall, Ernest Wilbur Mendenhall;

On the Top Right: Six of the Seven Mendenhall Children: In the back row: Eli Oscar Mendenhall, Maude Elizabeth Mendenhall, Ernest Wilbur Mendenhall; in the middle row: Eva Ruth Mendenhall and Leslie Eugene Mendenhall and in the front row is Marjorie Eloise Mendenhall; I don't know where George Edward Mendenhall was.

On the Bottom Left: Ora Elizabeth Mae Mummy with her second husband, Marion Marshman, and her children and grandchildren, Ora is in the center and Mr. Marshman is to her left in the dark suit, her son George Edward Mendenhall is on the far right holding his son

On the Bottom Right: Ora Elizabeth May Mummy, her daughter Maude Elizabeth Mummy, and her mother, Margaret Hadley Mummey

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