Waesland Ship Photo

Franz Johannas Heinrich Jurgens came to America in 1882 on the Waesland.

Waesland; built in 1868, owned by the Red Star Line
Built by J. & G. Thomson, Ltd., Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland.
Tonnage: 4,752. Dimensions: 435 feet by 42 feet. Single-screw, 14 knots. Compound engines.
Four masts and one funnel. Passengers: 100 first class and 1,000 class third. Lengthened in 1880.
Re-fitted with triple expansion engines in 1890.
Vessel was transferred to American Line's Liverpool-Philadelphia service in 1895.
Lost in collision with Houstan steamship Harmonides off Anglesey in March 1902. Ex-Russia 1880.

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